To protect your most valuable investment from termites and termite swarmers.


            Subterranean termite damage approaches a billion dollars in the U.S. every year-a devastating loss. If your home is among those hit, you may not know until it’s too late. Sagging floors, loose trim and cracked plaster come first. Eventually, major structural repairs may be needed.

But there’s no need to wait until the damage is done. It’s now possible for early detection of a termite invasion, rather than waiting to treat and existing one. The Sentricon* System acts as both an early warning device and treatment method.

Why your home is a target.

                Subterranean termites are found through-out the U.S., with large pockets of high pressure along the coasts, in the North and in the South and scattered across the nation. In these areas, there are only two kinds of homes: those that have termites, and those that will.

The biology and behavior of termites make your home a target. Termites are very social insects that live in colonies. They look for food continuously and randomly, even after they’ve found adequate and abundant food sources. This means that, sooner or later, they’ll bump into and attack your house. They then lead other colony members to lunch on your house without an invitation or a tip (cheap basters). Unfortunately, the colony lives under-ground, making it virtually impossible to find.

Termite swarmers are a sign of a mature termite colony. These colonies are extremely common in the in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Termite swarmers are the new reproductive members of the colony who’s job is to fly out, pair up and create new colonies. This is probably the only time most people notice termites, so when this happens call us Pittsburgh Best Pest Control Company.

However, if you see termite swarmers inside your house, usually on a window sill or near a door this is an indication of an active termite infestation and should be treated ASAP.

The Sentricon System works a whole new way.

                What is it about Sentricon that makes it an idea termite prevention system?

  1. It is used to monitor termite activity all year round. Each Sentricon station placed in the soil around your home has a monitoring device that alerts us to the presence of termites.
  2. These same stations are designed to deliver the special, slow-acting Recruit* termite bait, placed only in those stations with termite activity. The termites spread this unique substance throughout their colony, causing its total elimination.
  3. Once a colony has been destroyed, Sentricon stays on duty to find and eliminate any new colony that may invade your property. The Sentricon System offers ongoing security.

Get peace of mind from the Sentricon System.

You buy a burglar alarm to protect your home from human invaders. With the introduction of Sentricon, now you can install a security system to protect yourself and love ones from termite invasion, too.

If you have termites, I would advise to get termite treatment today with Pittsburgh Pest Control Company. We offer a free estimate and a 12 month program that is affordable, JUST OVER A DOLLAR A DAY. Visit us @ and call for a free estimate @ 412-673-1460.