Real Estate Pest Inspections

Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting times in an individual’s life. Before you sign any papers there are necessary steps and safeguards that should be in place to ensure that the home is in great condition before you move in. A Wood Destroying Inspection Report should be filled out which shows that the home has had a termite inspection. Banks and other lending institutions often require that a home be inspection for wood damage due to termites and other wood-destroying organisms before closing on a home. These termite inspections are also done to ensure that the home is structurally safe and sound.

Services Provided

  • Real Estate Pest Inspection
  • Termite Treatments
  • Carpenter Ant Treatments

Typical Areas of Inspection

  • Basements
  • Crawl Spaces (Depending on accesibility and safe conditions)
  • Living Areas
  • Exterior
  • Detached Outbuildings

What We Report On

  • Active infestation of Termites or other Wood Destroying Organisms
  • Signs of damage as a result of pest activity
  • Conditions that are conducive to pest infestation or future problems
  • Previous indications of treatment or pest activity
  • Need for honey bee removal or relocation
  • Need for rodent control services or extermination

ELIMINATOR’S  Commitment

ELIMINATOR’S licensed inspectors are focused on meeting the needs of homeowners and their agents. ELIMINATOR’S staff realizes that termite inspections are time critical to meet clients closing schedule. ELIMINATOR will meet the scheduling demands without sacrificing quality of inspection, treatment or service.


  • Complete Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report
  • Supplemental Reports after Corrective Action is taken if deemed necessary
  • Complete Termite Treatments as well as treatments for all other wood destroying insects

Eliminator Termite & Pest Control Offers A Complete Warranty!