-Cost of prevention  is vastly lower than of after -the-fact of cost repairs- Seal up any cracks & holes on the outside of your home including areas where utilities and pipes enter you home. Frequent vacuuming can help to eliminate tiny pests that other pest feed on. Make sure vents are screened and gaps around windows and doors are sealed. Keep tree branches & shrubbery well-trimmed &…Read More

  2. Avoiding Holiday Bed Bugs

    Whether you are going to be travelling this holiday season, you are having guests stay in your home, or you are just visiting your parents for Thanksgiving dinner, bed bugs pose an enormous threat this winter. While these pests aren’t typically found in other regions, the east – and Pennsylvania in particular – have the perfect climate for bed bugs to thrive. Learn more about how…Read More

  3. Get To Know Eliminator Pest Control

    Bugs and other pests can be a real problem in homes and commercial properties. This is the same way across the board, in every city, no one is safe! Bugs and other pests can enter a home or a commercial property in the most unlikely of ways. It is important that home and businesses owners know how to combat unwanted pests before they become a huge infestation. The minute that a home or business ow…Read More

  4. An Ounce Of Prevention – Stopping Termites Before They Damage Your Home

    To protect your most valuable investment from termites and termite swarmers. STOP TERMITES BEFORE THEY DAMAGE YOUR HOUSE.             Subterranean termite damage approaches a billion dollars in the U.S. every year-a devastating loss. If your home is among those hit, you may not know until it’s too late. Sagging floors, loose trim and cracked plaster come first. Eventually, major struc…Read More