Spread Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming a bigger problem across the United States. Contrary to popular belief, a bed bug infestation can occur in clean or dirty locations. No location, home or business, is immune to the threat of bed bugs. These small bugs can be transferred from location to location on clothing, luggage, in boxes, on furniture, and much more.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are incredibly small, about 4-5 mm in size, and are often overlooked. They closely resemble seeds due to their flat, oval shape and their brownish color in their adult form. Nymphs (newly hatched bed bugs) closely resemble louse due to their size and color. Since these creatures only feed on blood, they become swollen and reddish-brown after feeding and are easier to identify.

Commonly, bed bugs are found on mattresses, sheets, furniture, electrical outlets, and within cracks and crevices where they can easily be concealed. They often leave reddish brown fecal stains on sheets or furniture. Sometimes this infestation only becomes known when an individual begins to wake with bites on their bodies.

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bug treatment can be difficult since this infestation can get out of hand very quickly. At home remedies are unfortunately not very effective in the long run. Many at-home treatment options will not kill every bed bug so there is still a possibility of reproduction.

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